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Interim Academy Board - IAB


Type of Member

Appointment Date

Mr Paul Mitchell Chair 03/11/2021
Mrs Alex Wolvers Vice Chair 03/11/2021
Rev Andrew Wickens IAB Member 03/11/2021
Mr James Dean IAB Member  03/11/2021
Mrs Paula Scattergood IAB Member 03/11/2021
Letter to parents from CEO: /stoke/primary/stoke/arenas/websitecontent/web/lettertoparentsfromtheceo.pdf  

St Chad's Trust Governance

 For further information on our Governance arrangements please visit the Trust website: https://www.stchadsacademiestrust.co.uk/governance-policy/trust-governance/  

Here you will find details of: 

Current Memorandum of Association; Articles of Association; Funding Agreement; Annual Audited Accounts (at least 2 years' worth of accounts should remain on the trust website); Annual Report; Register of Interests for the accounting officer; Number of employees whose benefits exceed £100k, in £10k bandings, and as an extract of the academy’s financial statements for the previous year that ended on 31 August, and the Attendance Record at Trustee meetings over the last academic year.

The structure and remit of the members, board of trustees, its committees and (local governing bodies, and the full names of the chair of each) can be found here: 


Governors who have held office in the last 12 months

Rev B Durose (LAC Member)- appointed 01/11/2017 stepped down 09/02/2021

Mr D Morgan (Vice Chair) - appointed 01/11/2017 stepped down 04/09/21

Mrs A McKie (Staff Member) - appointed 01/11/2017 stepped down 31/10/21

Declaration of Pecuniary and Personal Interest

It is a requirement that a record is kept of Governors and any personal or business interests that are related to the Academy.

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